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Dave Ward

Dave Ward

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At an early age, David Ward was influenced to play guitar in the style of heavy metal bands such as Van Halen, Ozzy Ozbourne, and Iron Maiden.  He perfected his guitar playing with private lessons, classes at the Guitar Summer Workshop in CT, and various music theory classes at Holyoke Community College.  

Throughout the 90’s, he gained performance experience on stage with hard rock/ metal bands such as Sweet Tragedy, Aces High, and Straw Dogs.  It was quite natural for David to join an 80’s rock tribute band forming in his area (Springfield, MA), in late 1999, named Aquanett.  The group included an all star line up of local musicians.  Each member had vast experience, talent, and most importantly a deep appreciation for the sound, style, and intensity of hard rock/ metal music.  Regardless of the popularity of 90’s style music, Aquanett surged forward at their first show in early 2000 with a refined 80’s style metal guitar sound, performance, and production that many had apparently yearned to hear.  Aquanett quickly became one of the most commercially successful tribute bands in the Northeast, and continues to build on their fan base and success.  The sound of the band has attracted some famous musicians to come up during shows and play a song or two.


David is proud to have played guitar alongside vocalist Vince Neil of Motley Crue, and drummer Paul Geary of Extreme.  


Thanks to the dedicated and continuing growing fan base in the Northeast, David Ward has had the privilege of growing and evolving as a guitar player for more than 20 years in Aquanett.


David uses predominantly Marshall amplifiers and speaker cabinets.  For guitars, he uses Charvel, Fender, Washburn, etc.  


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