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Tina Valenti

Tina Valenti

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With over 28 years of performing experience behind her, Tina brings to the stage an energy and passion for rock music that is dynamic and infectious. Growing up in an era of hair bands and screaming guitar solos, Tina radiates a deep-rooted passion for rock and metal music through her performance, inspired by her love of bands such as Def Leppard, Skid Row, L.A. Guns, Tesla, Heart… basically the entire “hair” genre! Since 1993, she has been demonstrating her vocal prowess, fronting bands and playing guitar throughout RI, MA and CT, with styles ranging from classic rock and metal to dance and spiritual music.

Music has always been a central part of Tina’s life. Growing up in a musical family, her Mom played acoustic guitar and sang with her and her two sisters from a very young age. From this inspiration, Tina taught herself how to play guitar by ear, mostly by mimicking cassettes of her favorite songs (play, pause, rewind, play, pause, rewind… untangle cassette… play, pause, rewind… repeat). Eventually, she joined high school chorus and began to dabble in solo performance. Then, on a day that would change her life, Tina’s choral director educated her on the key points of harnessing her vocal power, and convinced her (despite her shyness) to break out of her shell… And here we are.

At age 19, Tina joined her first band, fronted by a seasoned musician who would become one of her biggest mentors. By his example, she learned that - although performing flawlessly is a constant goal for musicians- it need not be the only objective.  Rather, every show is an opportunity to bring people together and engage them in an experience that allows them to feel they are an integral part of that moment in time. Whether it is a crowd of 20 or 2000, give 1000%, because no one person deserves less. 

While the world seems relentless in its pursuit to divide people, Tina firmly believes that music unconditionally unites. Every show allows people an opportunity to step away from stress and just be in the moment with the music… and let their true selves come out to play.

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